Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's only day 3 and I'm not going to write much, but I did want to mention that things are already happening. Good things and bad. I've always been a bad news first type of gal, so here it is...and it's kind of gross. Mucus. So far it's just a runny nose. I have sinus issues and take Zyrtec daily to help control my allergies. Normally, it's the opposite...congestion. But today the faucet turned on and won't stop. Hmm.

The good news and a bit more scalp is already clearing up. I don't expect an immediate improvement in my skin for a few weeks at the least, but the red splotches that usually cover my scalp are going fact, there are areas that are completely clear. It's freaking me out but in a good way.

I've read some reports that claim detoxing from dairy makes them feel really bad, some even report no energy, flu like symptoms and the Great Mucus Escape. It may happen, but I did wake up a lot earlier than usual this morning ready to get out of bed...and that rarely happens.

Maybe it's psychological, I don't know...I hope it continues.

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