Tuesday, February 3, 2009


People, let me tell you something...dairy is EVERYWHERE. I'm almost convinced that it's hiding under my bed. You probably already know this, but as a newbie I've discovered it sneaking all over the place. Who knew dairy was such a stalker?

So yesterday, Day 1, I was proud of myself. Nay, I was downright SMUG. Yeah, from just one day...I know, but hey...I'm like that. Don't worry though, I got knocked down a few rungs after discovering that my soy yogurt AND my veggie burger both had milk products lurking in them. Now, they were probably minimal and compared to eating a bowl of ice cream or eating half a ton of homemade mac n' cheese, it was nothing. BUT STILL. Did I mention this stuff is a stalker?

So I've become more vigilant...I'm not only reading labels, but I'm brushing up on symbols and extra-secret hidden ingredients. Luckily, a law was passed in 2007 (I could be wrong) that requires labels to include the top 8 allergens on product packaging. It's usually very clear, which makes things easier. Plus there are the D and U symbols which are equally helpful.

I didn't really want to do a huge grocery shopping trip till the weekend, but I kind of had too today since the cupboards were pretty bare. Gone are the days that I could breeze in and out...nope, I'm reading and reading and reading. And I'm frustrated. I just wanted some convenient frozen veggie mixes for quick lunches and dinners...and they all had milk product in them. A good friend did point out that generic Pop-Tarts and generic brownie mixes don't contain dairy...I didn't buy either, but at this point they may be the only two packed food items that are safe.

I'm hoping my big trip to the Natural Foods Warehouse and a local co-op place will wield better results. Stay tuned.

Oh and tell me some of your favorite packaged products that are common, but DF.

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